5 Interior Design Tricks That Will Make A Small Room Look Bigger

One of the biggest problems that many of us have with our homes is a lack of space. There are numerous storage solutions on the market that will cleverly enable you to store away possessions but what do you do when your room simply looks and feels too small?

In this blog post we are sharing with you some of our favourite ways of making a room feel larger than it is. If you’re planning on redecorating a box room or you’ve just purchased a property with a tiny living room, take a read and see how the décor and furniture you choose can create the illusion of extra space.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

how to make a small room look bigger

Wall mirrors will make your small room look bigger and brighter. When placed in a tiny room, a large mirror will create the illusion of a window or walkthrough and instantly open up the living space. You can purchase wall mirrors that are shaped and framed like a window to maximise this effect. If your room is of an adequate size but feels cramped due to low ceilings, opt for a full length mirror as this will make the walls seem higher.

Blend to extend

make a small room look bigger
‘Rusty’ by John Wilman Interiors

Your furniture choices can massively impact how big or small your room appears. Obviously, the more floor space your furniture takes up, the more cramped the room will feel. However, did you know that the colour of your furniture can also play a role? Bookshelves, sideboards and sofas placed against the wall should be of a similar shade to the wall they are in front of. This will make them blend in more and create a streamlined effect. For those more centrally placed pieces like coffee tables, opt for glass or acrylic as they will take up less visual space.

It’s all in the accent

how to make a small room look bigger
‘Paradise’ by John Wilman Interiors

It’s a common myth that darker walls always make a room look smaller. Yes, if all four walls within a room are painted in a dark shade, a room may feel closed in. However, a statement wall painted or wallpapered in a dark shade will cause the rest of the room to recede, thus making the overall area seem larger. The most effective way of achieving this result is by installing a wall mural. A dark statement wall that isn’t uniform in colour will not only make the area seem larger but will create a beautiful focal point that you can design the rest of your room around.

Light it up!

grey wall mural
Dot Wave‘ by John Wilman Interiors

Everyone knows that dark corners will make a room seem smaller than it is. Most people opt for two forms of lighting with a room – ceiling lights and table lamps. Ceiling lights will illuminate a whole room from above and this doesn’t always result in the cosy ambience we wish to achieve in our homes. Table lamps only light up a small section. It’s best to have a variety of lighting options within a room so you can ensure that all areas are well lit and you are able to alter the mood whenever you need to. Floor lamps in particular are great for brightening up corners.

Small and bold

patterned cushions

Patterns are excellent for adding texture to a room and injecting our own personality into our interiors. Unfortunately, large patterns will instantly make a room appear smaller if used on all walls or on larger furniture pieces. Limit the big and bold patterns to feature walls and soft furnishings such as pillows and throws.

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