How To Create Anxiety-Reducing Interiors

After all the chaos and uncertainty we have faced over the past year or so due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stress levels are undoubtedly at an all-time high. With the threat of serious illness looming over our heads, long periods of time spent apart from loved ones and dramatic changes to our daily lives made […]

Interior Design Trends: Textured Walls

Many interior design trends come and go in a flash. They are often difficult to achieve, impractical or just too extreme to be considered anything other than a short term “fad”. Occasionally, however, an interior design trend comes along that is versatile, easy to recreate and won’t break the bank. Trends like these tend to […]

Interior Design Trends: Japandi

Scandinavian interior design trends have been taking Instagram by storm in recent years. Adopted by home renovators and embraced by top interior designers, these minimalist themes have been hugely popular. Now, there’s a new Scandinavian design trend inspiring home interiors in the UK and across Europe. “Japandi” is an interior design trend that blends the […]

How To Create A Flexible Home Interior With Multi-Purpose Furniture

By Hartleys Rooms Our homes are exhausted with all the extra effort they’ve been required to make during the past year. Dining room tables have morphed into desks, temporary workstations have been squeezed into previously overlooked alcoves, and spare rooms have been commandeered for anything from yoga to general dumping areas. This last year has […]

5 Interior Design Tricks That Will Make A Small Room Look Bigger

One of the biggest problems that many of us have with our homes is a lack of space. There are numerous storage solutions on the market that will cleverly enable you to store away possessions but what do you do when your room simply looks and feels too small? In this blog post we are […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Work From Home Set-Up

by Hartleys Rooms Most of us have now grown accustomed to the idea of working from home. Whilst some of you may return to our ‘commute to’offices, at least on a part-time basis, there will also be many whose jobs have allowed them to adopt full working from home hours. However you work, the volume […]

Feature Walls: How To Get Them Right

Feature walls are incredibly popular right now. Less time consuming than a full interior revamp, the creation of a feature wall will instantly elevate and transform an entire room. Whether you prefer to use paint or paper, a feature wall provides the perfect opportunity to add your own personality to your interiors. Creating a feature […]

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for 2021

The concept of the private bedroom began in Tudor times when people started living in their own homes with upper floors. Prior to this, sleeping was never considered a private matter at all and even during the reign of Henry VIII, bedrooms remained very much public (even during the King’s most intimate moments!). However, the […]

Mastering Monochrome: Black & White Interiors

The monochrome look is a trend that returns again and again both in fashion and interior design. This classic combination of black and white has yet again made a comeback and when used in your home, this bold and striking theme can be just as attractive as any other colour combination when done correctly. There […]

How To Create A Space-Themed Bedroom For Your Child

If your child is a budding Astronomer or has aspirations to be the next Tim Peak, a space-themed bedroom would be a big hit! If you haven’t already seen, our Luna, Universe and Stella wall coverings are truly out of this world and perfect for giving your child’s bedroom an intergalactic makeover but there are […]