Cup and handle chart pattern How to trade the cup and handle IG International

what does a cup and handle chart mean

The cup is broken when prices rise above the upper curve of the cup, creating a new cup. If the price breaks below the bottom curve of the cup and continues downward, then we say that we have formed a broken or dirty cup. On daily and monthly charts, this pattern is seen when an outgoing downward price wave is followed by a period of stabilization. You can use the cup and handle for crypto, stock, and forex trading. Banking services and bank accounts are offered by Jiko Bank, a division of Mid-Central National Bank.

  • Patterns help us recognize possible upcoming movements so that we can create trading plans to catch moves that fit our strategies.
  • We explore the cup and handle pattern, as well as the inverted cup and handle, and show you how to trade when you recognise these patterns.
  • The cup is a U shape, with the bottom of the cup having a rounded bottom and a handle that forms to the right in a slightly downward direction.
  • Order execution should only occur if the price breaks the pattern’s resistance.
  • The pattern starts when a stock’s price runs up, then pulls back to form a cup shape.

While I don’t actively search for it, I do think you need to recognize it. ✅It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the classic continuation and reversal patterns. For a real trader trading on the Forex market, it is huge, because these patterns make it possible to predict the behaviour of the price. ⚠️If one of the trend continuation patterns appears in front of us on the chart, it means that the usual correction…

Stock Trading

Due to the rounded bottom (or top) of the pattern, you should use a curved drawing tool. Then comes the handle, which is expressed by a bearish price move. In many cases, the handle is locked within a small bearish channel on the chart. It’s worth noting that after reaching a yearly high of $0.94, XRP encountered resistance at $0.84 twice.

This pattern is considered to be a bearish signal that indicates a stock may see a price decrease in the future. Traditionally, the cup has a pause, or stabilizing what does a cup and handle chart mean period, at the bottom of the cup, where the price moves sideways or forms a rounded bottom. It shows the price found a support level and couldn’t drop below it.

The bearish/inverse Cup and Handle pattern

You can use derivatives such as CFDs to trade when you see the cup and handle pattern. With derivatives trading, you don’t own the underlying asset, which means you can go long (buy) or short (sell). We have discussed many different types of chart patterns to date. Today we will talk about a somewhat lesser known pattern but one that is still highly effective. I am referring to the Cup and Handle Pattern for Forex trading. The following material will outline the unique structure of this pattern as well as a strategy for successfully trading it.

what does a cup and handle chart mean

The cup is a U shape, with the bottom of the cup having a rounded bottom and a handle that forms to the right in a slightly downward direction. If you’re not ready to take on the live markets, you can open a risk-free demo account to identify the cup and handle pattern and practice your trades. There are two potential profit target levels for this pattern. The first profit target is estimated by measuring a distance equivalent to the size of the handle, starting from the breakout point.

Cup and Handle Formation in Penny Stocks

There is the bullish Cup with Handle and the bearish Inverted Cup with Handle. Over the past 24 hours, XRP has exhibited sideways trading yet shows potential signs of price appreciation. The technical analysis indicates a leaning toward bullish sentiment, with positive buying strength, demand, and accumulation. If the price keeps rising and does not reverse, there is a chance of missing the trade.

what does a cup and handle chart mean


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