Feature Walls: How To Get Them Right

Feature walls are incredibly popular right now. Less time consuming than a full interior revamp, the creation of a feature wall will instantly elevate and transform an entire room. Whether you prefer to use paint or paper, a feature wall provides the perfect opportunity to add your own personality to your interiors.

Creating a feature wall within a room may be a relatively simple task but they still require a certain amount of planning as there are a few things to consider. Before you go ahead and get creative with paint or wallpaper, take a few moments to read the tips below…

The right room

tropical wall mural

You should avoid creating a feature wall in a room that is crowded with furniture. A feature wall is designed to attract the eye but if there’s too much going on within a room already, the room becomes too busy and there’s no natural focal point. It’s a common misconception that a feature wall is a bad idea for a small room.

Actually, if you keep the rest of the walls light, you can create the illusion of extra depth by having one wall decorated in a darker colour. Black walls are very fashionable right now so maybe embrace the monochrome trend in a room that’s a tad on the small side.

The right reason

india feature wall mural

If you’re adding a feature wall to your room simply because the thought of decorating all four walls seems daunting or simply because you like a certain wallpaper, then the final result may not be as you expected. A feature wall is designed to highlight a specific part of the room so think about how it may change the overall look.

If you have an open-plan room then a feature wall is a great way of creating a division. If your room isn’t open plan then your feature wall will become the main focal point within the room.

Perhaps, you’d rather a striking window space or an interesting doorway to be the main focal point in that particular living space. By adding a feature wall, the eyes will instantly be drawn away.

The right wall

feature wall mural

Before going ahead and decorating any wall at random, you should consider the architecture and layout of your room. A feature wall should only be created on the natural focal point within your chosen living space.

For example, in a bedroom, the bed is automatically a focal point so the wall behind the headboard should be your feature wall. In a living room, you should choose the wall behind your largest sofa or the wall on which your fireplace is as these tend to be the walls to which we are automatically drawn as we enter. If placed on the walls to the side of these, the eye will be drawn away and it can be visually confusing.

The right material

feature wall

A feature wall can be achieved using paint, wallpaper, wall murals, wood panelling, brickwork and much more. Before you decide what material you want to use, consider the other elements within the room.

If your living space is pretty streamlined and your other walls are unfussy, then any of the materials could be used to create a striking feature wall.

If your room is filled with furniture, pieces of art and ornate accessories then paint may be the better option. However, if your furniture isn’t uniform in style or material and you have gathered an eclectic collection of rattan, wood, upholstered and metal pieces then a wall mural could really bring them all together.

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