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Thinking about fostering? At Fostering Link we care deeply about supporting people through the process of applying to make a positive difference. Our team are here to offer expert advise and answer any questions you might have.  What's more, we'll help you access your situation to establish whether fostering is right for you. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Become a Foster Carer

Having enough space in your home to provide living space for a foster child is essential. So if you’ve got a spare room and space, that’s a great first step. Additionally there are resource requirements and qualities that make a good foster carer.

Firstly, having the phyisical space to accommodate a young person is essential, as well as that you’ll need enough time for school runs, attend meetings and if they need to supporting ear.

Fostering should provide a child or young person with a sense of stablity, with that in mind, there are certain qualities that make a great foster carer.

These include having good relationships within your own family, the ability of be flexible and adapt to different circumstances. Fostering is more than providing a spare room and the best foster carers are those who have a genuine interest in being a supportive role model.

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