How To Create Anxiety-Reducing Interiors

After all the chaos and uncertainty we have faced over the past year or so due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stress levels are undoubtedly at an all-time high. With the threat of serious illness looming over our heads, long periods of time spent apart from loved ones and dramatic changes to our daily lives made at short notice, it feels like we’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

Our homes are meant to be our personal sanctuaries; the place to which we return after a long day and unwind. Our environment can have a massive impact on our mental health and as our homes are the ones we spend the most time in, surely it makes sense to ensure they are as soothing as they possibly can be.

In this blog, we’re sharing ways in which you can decorate your home to promote relaxation and help reduce anxiety…

Bring Nature Indoors

According to the mental health charity Mind, bringing nature into your everyday life can directly benefit your mental wellbeing. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more time outdoors – you can incorporate nature into your home interiors. Easy-to-maintain houseplants like succulents are a great way of bringing the outdoors in. Not only do they have masses of visual appeal, but they will also help to purify the air and promote the flow of positive energy.

If plants aren’t your thing, then consider incorporating nature into your interior through the use of botanical prints. These are bang on trend right now and there are countless ways in which you can use them. Opt for botanical print wallpaper or make a statement with a nature-inspired wall mural.

Choose Mood-Boosting Colours

When painting a room, we often choose the colours we believe to be the most visually appealing. However, according to colour psychology, the colours we use within our homes can have a profound effect on our mental wellbeing. Before picking a colour, you should first consider the main function of the room you are decorating.

If your living room is where you spend the most time as a family, opt for warm colours like reds, browns and beiges as they are thought to stimulate conversation. If your kitchen is the hub of the home, warmer shades will work well there too. Although, if your weight is a worry for you then it’s recommended that you avoid red in a kitchen as it’s believed to be an appetite booster! For bedrooms, choose cooler shades such as blues, greens and lavenders. Such colours aid relaxation and will contribute to you achieving more restful sleep.

Calm and Cosy

For the past couple of years, the Danish concept of cosiness, or “Hygge”, has been inspiring interior designers and influencers across the globe. Hygge is actually a way of life for the Danish and that’s probably why they’re one of the happiest nations in the world! The key concepts have been turned into a super popular interior design trend and we think it’s perfect for creating a calm and soothing home.

For the ultimate, stress-reducing Hygge home, your primary focus should be on soft furnishings. Keep the walls neutral and then furnish with natural materials, deep pile rugs, fluffy throws and soft cushions – it’s all about comfort! Accessorise with botanicals and scented candles for that idyllic Nordic retreat feel.

Clean and Uncluttered

Some people are perfectly happy to live in a cluttered home and their untidy environment has little or no effect on their mental health. For others, however, a cluttered home can be anxiety-inducing. In 2016, a small study showed that women who described their home as “cluttered” had high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and their levels remained high throughout the day.

So, if you feel like your anxiety levels are higher than they should be when you’re at home, invest in storage and try to keep those surfaces free from clutter. If you don’t have a great deal of space for bulky cupboards and cabinets, consider organising items into storage boxes and baskets instead.

Uplifting Images

Images can evoke all kinds of emotions so pay attention to those you choose to display within your home. Framed photos can be scattered around for minimal expense and can be visual reminders of those you hold dear and the memories you share.

For a bolder and more powerful mood-boosting distraction, create a gallery wall of your favourite prints or positive quotes. Wall murals are also a great way of adding positive imagery to an interior. Landscape murals offer an element of escapism so are ideal for creating a soothing and relaxing ambience.

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