How to Delete a Payment from a Deposit in QuickBooks Online, Desktop?


When you click on edit, proceed to choose the “delete line” from the drop-down options. Go to your QuickBooks and click on your company file then select open. Duplicate payment arising from entering a payment twice by accident can also be removed from the QuickBooks with these simple steps outlined below. Choose the payment you want to remove and click on “edit” from the options.

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When this happens, you should bench accounting the deposit and offset against any invoice that customer owed you instead. To open your bank account register, double-click on the undeposited funds and choose the duplicate payment you wish to delete. QuickBooks supports different types of payments like un-deposited money and Deposited payments. Deposit payments stores both the specific payments & deposits in the bank, whereas un-deposit payments, contain day-to-day small payments.

💠 Users can then create a new deposit and apply for payments by downloading transactions from their bank account. FreshBooks is an awarding winning accounting software developed with excellent cloud accounting app. Suitable for small business and freelancer and a great customer support system to make your integration smooth and easy.

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The two categories of QuickBooks payments are deposited payments and undeposited funds. In this write-up, we’ll talk about the process to delete or undo a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop and Online for both funds. So let’s resolve such issue by understanding how to delete or undo a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop and Online. QuickBooks users record their deposits in the software so that it exactly matches their bank records.

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We can resolve all your QuickBooks errors and other accounting software issues. If you wish to delete or undo deposit payments in QuickBooks, first you’ll have to delete the payment from the deposits. The overall functionality is the same in both versions, but the specific steps required to perform the task differ. It’s essential to carefully review the instructions for your version of QuickBooks to ensure that you’re following the correct steps for deleting deposits. If you accidentally enter the same deposit twice, it can result in a duplicate deposit.

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In order to delete the deposit, click on the Edit menu from the top of the screen. Dancing Numbers helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and CPAs to do smart transferring of data to and from QuickBooks Desktop. Utilize import, export, and delete services of Dancing Numbers software. From the displayed options, click on delete deposit and then Ok when asked to confirm the deletion.

  • Double-click the undeposited funds to open bank account register.
  • With QuickBooks, you have the freedom to manage the bookkeeping through various tools and can easily record the costs, deposits, and payments.
  • Select the “previous” icon to take you to the intended screen and scroll to look for the deposit you want to remove the payment from.
  • You have now successfully deleted a payment from a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.

How do I delete a deposit that was made in error? And I keep getting a message that I cannot delete a payment until I delete the deposit. There appears to be no way to delete a deposit. Nione of the previous methods mentioned in this chain work. Now, if the payments to deposit window opens on the PC screen, then click on cancel icon. You need to use the edit button and then click on delete payment.

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If there’s not a checkmark in this box, the payment hasn’t been recorded. You can delete the payment from the bank deposit by clicking the box and, thus, removing the checkmark. If you are using the undeposited funds account, removing the payment also removes the payment. When you want to deposit the funds later, the original payment is to be recreated. Double-click the undeposited funds to open bank account register.


From the Select Account drop-down, choose the account where the incorrect transactions were recorded. The Delete Deposit option will only show on the Edit toolbar if you select the deposit within the register. If there are multiple payments in one deposit, you can open the transaction and use the Delete Line option instead. You need to double-click on the undeposited funds icon. You need to click on the lists menu and then click on the chart of accounts. Thereafter, choose the specific deposit to make changes to the check register.

What happens after deleting a Deposit in QuickBooks?

Find and then right-click the duplicate transaction. Select the account you want to transfer the funds to. I’m here to assist you with deleting a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.

Deleting a deposit removes it entirely from QuickBooks, while voiding a deposit reduces the amount to zero, but the transaction remains recorded in QuickBooks. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business. As @JasroV explained, a transfer is when you move funds from one account to another. While a deposit is when you put money to a bank account. Usually, this can happen with only one account.

Here’s How to Delete a Deposit or Fund in QuickBooks

Now, click on the line from where you have to delete duplicate payments and then click on edit. Finally, you need to click on the edit menu and then click on delete deposit. With this, click on ok if you want to delete the payment.

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These are the payments you’ll have to combine into a single record so QuickBooks matches your bank records. Find the bank account with which you made the deposit. After locating it, click the “View register” option. Once you’ve found the deposit, click “Delete.” The bank deposit will then be removed from the bank account. By following the steps listed above, you can delete a payment from a bank deposit. But what if you want to delete an entire bank deposit?

  • But what if you want to delete an entire bank deposit?
  • In order to keep your company’s books current, you may need to correct customer payments.
  • To void a deposit in QuickBooks, first, open the deposit transactions.
  • QuickBooks can easily read and import this format.
  • You’ll notice that there’s no delete button on the deposit screen.

Otherwise, you must be sure to manually delete the payment as well. Hopefully, with the aforementioned steps you have got the understanding of how to undo a deposit in QuickBooks. Now, let’s move to the final steps of deleting undeposited funds. The process to add deposits in the company’s account is quite simple.


The deposit will be voided and the amount will be removed from your bank balance. Off all the accuracy that QuickBooks promises, human error can lead to disappointment. Sometime, due to an error by us, we may have to delete a payment already entered in QuickBooks. For any information regarding QuickBooks delete payment from deposit. You can contact our certified QuickBooks Team. We can help you in easily removing and deleting payments from a particular deposit in QuickBooks.


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