Industry Analysis in a Business Plan Overview, Types & Examples Video & Lesson Transcript

industry analysis in strategic management

The only way to survive in today’s business environment is to distinguish yourself from the competitors within the industry. Porter’s Five Forces framework defines the most important criteria to consider when looking at the competitive landscape of a corporation. High threat levels typically signal that future profits may deteriorate and vice versa. For example, an early startup in a fast-growing industry might quickly become shut out if barriers to entry are not present. However, although you’re sure of this, the investors say that ‘numbers don’t lie,’ so you’re conducting a full industry analysis for your business plan. The industry analysis for your business plan will include a detailed, well-researched analysis that indicates you have a deep understanding of your business’s potential in a given market.

industry analysis in strategic management

The industry environment

immensely impacts the operations and strategies of the business. Hence, it

becomes extremely vital for an industry to develop strategies according to the

industry environment. Without a detailed industry analysis, a company cannot

develop effective business strategies.

Industry analysis is also referred to as external strategic management audit. Indicate whether…

It is important to be detailed in your profitability section and fully understand the cost of operation. When you understand how much it will cost you to operate, you can determine whether or not your prices are competitive in the industry. Once you have clearly defined your industry and its outlook you should identify your competitors. industry analysis in strategic management You not only want to know the history, but also who your competitors are. You will want to explain why they are your competitors and what is your competitive advantage, or what is it that you offer that they don’t. When you first begin the industry analysis section, you will want to provide an overview of your industry as a whole.

industry analysis in strategic management

If the trend is upward, then brand identity could be

important. Most texts

cover in detail the many factors that can be relevant to any industry. Here the

students must research their industry to find specific factors likely to impact

firms within their industry. It is assumed

that firms in the industry have adapted to past events. This material is

available in magazine articles, and industry surveys, among other sources.

Industry Analysis: Meaning, Types, Benefits, Limitations, and Necessity

I find the quality of the

papers improves dramatically over the course of the semester. It is critical to

stress that this is a business report; not an English paper. Each paper will

take on significant size (30 to 50 pages) if just the required work is

done. If focus is not maintained, the size becomes unmanageable.

Examples include Viagra, Coke, and Intel Pentium processors. You must prove that

brand identity is or is not important. Another is to examine marketing expenses for the industry as a percentage

of sales across five years.

You will generally find me online at the Marketing91 Academy. Several ratios, for example, “profit per employee” is determined using the information and data from the industry and to compare it with the average of the industry as a whole. You can get an estimate about the progress of a particular unit by the help of this ratio. You must select the most relevant industry for your business. It’s because every industry has got many sub-categories.

Importance of Industry Analysis in a Business Plan

They then have the bargaining power and has a direct impact on the industry. This determines the ease with which a new entry can enter the market and gives an idea about the difficulties that a new competitor or investor is going to face in the current conditions. Remember, it is vital to gain a definite perspective about the forces at work in the overall scheme of things if you want to conduct comprehensive strategic planning. Therefore, you should choose the most report of your industry.

industry analysis in strategic management

Porter’s 5 Forces and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats) analysis are both tools used to analyze and make strategic decisions. Tracking all of your customer interactions and the results of those interactions isn’t a job for ClearPoint or any other strategic analysis program. To focus on strategy from a customer standpoint, you need the ability to summarize all prospect and customer information to discern trends. Then your sales leadership team can make decisions like which audiences to target, which products or services to push, etc. Again, this is managing high-level information and not one-off data points. The factor that influences an industry’s

operations the most is the environment it operates in.

Key Takeaways

Is the industry

able to pass cost increases on to the buyer, or must they absorb them? If buyers

are not price sensitive, this gives the industry power and makes it attractive. Assuming

that we enter this industry, at some point in the future we will want access to

capital for expansion or other business reasons. You need to determine whether

we would likely have access to capital on

acceptable terms. Since we can�t know the future, we have to use the past as

an indication. Determine the average profitability for the industry over the

last five years.

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If we enter this industry, will we be able to get out again? A firm can

exit by converting operations to another product/service, or by selling out �

merger. If exit barriers are low, this reduces rivalry and makes the industry


Companies that produce goods or services for which there are no close substitutes will have more power to increase prices and lock in favorable terms. When close substitutes are available, customers will have the option to forgo buying a company’s product, and a company’s power can be weakened. In this section of your industry analysis, you want to provide several details about the industry as a whole. It is important to address the past, present, and future of your industry.

At a minimum you need a set of industry ratios covering the most

recent five year period. As with the other sections, in this one

provide conclusions for each subsection as to the degree of rivalry. Then

provide an overall conclusion for this section using a decision matrix. The

Department of Commerce provides figures for capacity utilization. These numbers

are provided for the student, along with the web site for further data mining. While it is not applicable to all industries, most industries do have some

measure of capacity utilization.

  • It also helps the company to hire people from the outside with the necessary skills if you do not have them on board.
  • Economic rents are usually higher in such an


  • Once you have identified the general landscape of your industry you want to discuss your target market.
  • The potential new entrants, condition of the competitors, and both the buyer and suppliers have a direct influence on the working of an industry.

This makes it easier to see the four organizational functions being

integrated. I also encourage them to select an industry that would be suitable

for their future employment based on their particular interests and primary area of

concentration. For example, accounting majors are encouraged to examine an

accounting firm. In the

end, the students make choices based on group consensus and personal interests. However, a mixture of majors can be an advantage when working on the papers.

The industry is always competing with another industry producing a similar substitute product. Hence, all firms in an industry have potential competitors from other industries. This takes a toll on their profitability because they are unable to charge exorbitant prices. Substitutes can take two forms – products with the same function/quality but lesser price, or products of the same price but of better quality or providing more utility. This slideshow is for the business entrepreneur considering how to create a business model. It is an overview of business strategy, industry analysis and creating value in your business model.

To understand your market better, conduct

extensive preliminary research on your industry and market rivalry. You can

determine whether you want to research the entire sector or a particular

subset. Identify the questions you would like to analyze and find the answers

to them. Make a list of

the potential competitors and identify how you can do background research on

them. Business researchers and analysts analyze a particular industry sector by identifying the common objectives, opportunities gained and threats faced by the industries in the sector. Conducting an industry analysis involves assessing the industry sector or analyzing the company’s parent body.

This is not an

obvious question, and it requires first determining who the buyers are. Kia auto

discovered that lack of a distribution system in the form of dealerships limited

its access to markets in this country. To help get the

students oriented, I do provide complete �sample� papers from a previous

class. I am careful to ensure that the sample papers are on an industry and firm

not currently being done. I do not have to worry about copying or other forms

of cheating.

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Doing an annual strategic market analysis refresh will not only help your organization stay on track over the course of a few years but can also help inform your annual slate of initiatives. Why isn’t it enough to simply refer to quantitative data and charts to make a plan for the future? The process of performing a strategic analysis is what adds context to quantitative data. Spotting trends and patterns in the data and evaluating them will inform your organization’s long-term plan.


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