Interior Design Trends: Textured Walls

Many interior design trends come and go in a flash. They are often difficult to achieve, impractical or just too extreme to be considered anything other than a short term “fad”. Occasionally, however, an interior design trend comes along that is versatile, easy to recreate and won’t break the bank. Trends like these tend to stay around a little longer and are embraced by many, rather than just social media influencers.

Regardless of which “Instagrammable” trend you favour the most, 2021 is all about texture. Home interiors feeds are flooded with images of living rooms adorned with leafy botanicals, mixed metals, faux furs, macrame hangings and vases loaded with pampas grass. However, if you really want to add texture to your room, the best place to start is with the walls and the trend of textured walls which began last year seems set to stay…

One trend fits all

brick wall mural
“Rusty” by John Wilman Interiors

Over the past 12 months, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of textured walls. The beauty of this trend is that it fits in so well with many of the other interior design styles taking Instagram by storm.

Trends such as “Cottagecore” and “Japandi” are based on simplistic living and tradition and what could be more fitting than rustic brickwork or natural wood panelling? Complement with natural fabrics, potted plants and simple monochrome prints and you’ll have the perfect Scandi-inspired interior.

It’s all an illusion

textured walls
“Figure” by John Wilman Interiors

A textured wall automatically will draw the eye to the outer perimeters of a room, making it seem larger and less crowded. However, if you choose your materials and design carefully, other illusions may also be created.

A design that has vertical lines will add height to a wall and a design featuring horizontal lines will elongate it. Choose both your wall and your design carefully before taking the plunge!

Create and Conceal

textured walls
“Rusty” by John Wilman Interiors

Textured walls are great for creating a brand new look within a room but they are also an excellent way of concealing or camouflaging uneven surfaces. The addition of texture to a wall, regardless of which materials you choose to use, will immediately disguise any irregularities.

Wood or metal panelling will obviously mask problematic areas straight away but a textured wall mural can be equally as effective. Wall murals are also much easier to install, take less time to replace and won’t break the bank!

Texture Everywhere

textured walls
“Concrete” by John Wilman Interiors

Textured walls aren’t just suited to living rooms. The versatility of this trend means it has a place in all rooms within a home. We’ve been using textured walls in kitchens and bathrooms for centuries through the installation of tiles so, why not experiment with other textures like concrete, metal and murals?

cloud wall mural
“Cloud” by John Wilman Interiors

This trend isn’t limited to stone, metal and wood effects either. A carefully chosen pattern or design will also add texture to a room that is relatively minimalist or uniform in style. Our “Cloud” mural above is a great example of how a 3D effect mural livens up a simple interior.

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