Mastering Monochrome: Black & White Interiors

The monochrome look is a trend that returns again and again both in fashion and interior design. This classic combination of black and white has yet again made a comeback and when used in your home, this bold and striking theme can be just as attractive as any other colour combination when done correctly.

There are a number of factors to consider in order to successfully achieve this look and in this blog, we’re sharing a few pointers to assist you in creating the perfect monochrome interior…

Wall To Wall?

Matte black walls are very fashionable at the moment but can make a room seem far smaller than it is. If your living space is already on the small side, no amount of clever lighting will make it look bigger if all the walls are painted black. For smaller spaces, we recommend having white walls rather than black and then achieving the “look” with black furniture, soft furnishings and wall art.

Having just one wall with the black element would also work well and wouldn’t drastically affect how large your space appears to be. A monochrome mural, however, is the perfect compromise. Suitable for any sized space, it will provide the perfect starting point for your magnificent monochrome interior.

Not All Black and White


Opting for black and white as the primary colours in your living space doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t introduce any others. Shades of grey obviously work well with black and white but adding the odd splashes of vibrant colours can have spectacular results.

Think of your black and white walls as a blank canvas and get creative with home accessories. Our Paradise mural is a great example of how vibrant shades can complement a monochrome theme.

Think About Furniture

Once you have transformed your walls, it’s time to think about furniture. You may decide to continue the monochrome theme here and opt for black and white furniture. Do remember though that placement is everything! White furniture or black furniture will get lost in front of a wall that is the same colour. Placing white furniture in front of a black wall or black furniture in front of a white wall is far more effective.

If you don’t wish to continue the monochrome theme with your furniture, natural woods such as oaks and pines look superb against black and white.

Texture, Texture, Texture

When opting for the monochrome look in any room, it’s essential that you pay extra consideration to the textures that you use. Choosing just two colours can make everything seem a bit flat so try to liven it up a bit by adding plenty of texture with rugs, throws, cushions and curtains.

Texture can also be added to the walls in the form of flocked wallpaper, framed prints and our uniquely textured wall murals. See the image above for an example of how our murals differ in texture to the majority on the market.

A Touch of Personality

“Dot Wave”

When we think about adding our personality to our home interiors, we often think of colour. So, how can we achieve this in a predominantly monochrome living space? As mentioned previously, black and white wall murals provide the perfect feature wall for a black and white themed room and with so many designs to choose from, you’re bound to find something that represents you.

The accessories you choose, however, are key to creating a unique monochrome room that beautifully reflects who you are. Search online for quirky accessories or have a browse in secondhand shops for trinkets and treasures. Framed black and white photographs are also an excellent and inexpensive way of personalising your living space

At John Wilman Interiors, we have quite a vast selection of uniquely textured wall murals that would provide a bold and beautiful statement wall in any monochrome room. You can view our full range HERE.


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