Romantic Bedroom Ideas for 2021

The concept of the private bedroom began in Tudor times when people started living in their own homes with upper floors. Prior to this, sleeping was never considered a private matter at all and even during the reign of Henry VIII, bedrooms remained very much public (even during the King’s most intimate moments!). However, the introduction of curtains on the King’s bed, which could be drawn as and when required marked the first step towards the bedroom being considered a private and personal space.

Fast forward to the 19th Century and houses were being built with bedrooms for the master and mistress of the house as well as for staff. Unlike in Tudor times when bedrooms consisted of nothing other than a bed and a chest for belongings, during the 19th Century, a great deal of effort was put into decorating and furnishing bedrooms to make them both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. With the middle and upper classes often living in such busy households, the bedroom represented intimacy and togetherness.

Today, bedrooms remain a private sanctuary in which we can relax in peace and share those special moments. When we think of romance within the home, the bedroom is the room with which we associate it with. Creating a romantic ambience within the bedroom through decor may seem relatively simple but “boudoir chic” can quickly become “Parisian brothel”.

If you’re hoping to add a bit of romance to your bedroom interior, then installing one of our uniquely textured wall murals is a great starting point. Once you have chosen your mural, you can design the rest of your room around it by adding complementary furniture, soft furnishings and accessories.

In this blog, we are sharing a few romantic bedroom ideas to help you transform a bland bedroom into a living space that is quietly romantic and perfect for enjoying those intimate moments in…

Love Blooms

romantic bedroom ideas

Flowers have long been associated with romance, and none more so than the rose. Incorporate these brilliant blooms into your bedroom décor for instant romance. Our ‘Rose’ mural comes in two colour options and will provide the perfect feature wall for a classically elegant bedroom. Pair with Traditional furniture and neutral shades for a look that wouldn’t look out of place at an English 5* hotel.

Play it Cool

romantic bedroom ideas

Reds and pinks are often the colours we most associate with romance but such vivid colours are not for everyone. For a more subtle look, opt for cool whites, greys and silvers and use textures to add that element of romance. A carefully chosen combination of elegant furniture, deep pile rugs, luxurious linens will provide just the right amount of texture to give you a romantic bedroom that is timeless and luxurious.

In Your Dreams

cloud wall mural

Fussy furniture and ornate accessories may not be your thing but you can create a romantic bedroom without all of these. For fans of the modern and minimalist look, a wall mural such as our ‘Clouds’ mural is ideal. This delightful dreamscape can be paired with any style of furniture but looks superb with natural woods. A romantic look can easily be achieved through a wall mural alone so you can keep the rest of your room as simple and as clutter-free as you like.

It’s The Little Things That Count…

modern wall mural

If you’re not quite ready to invest time and money into a complete makeover, focus on the smaller changes you can make to add a touch of romance to your bedroom interior. Rather than thinking of how it should look, consider how the area should make you feel. Adding a touch of nature to your room will promote positive energy and carefully placed candles will instantly transform the ambience within your room.

At John Wilman Interiors, we have a whole array of uniquely textured wall murals that will instantly transform your bedroom into a timeless territory of togetherness. Fully customisable and simple to install. they’re a fast and effective way of giving your living space a whole new look. To view our full collection, CLICK HERE.


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