The Must-Do Home DIY Projects for 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, our lives have changed considerably. Many of us are spending more time in our homes than we have ever done before. It goes without saying that homes tend not to be designed or laid out in a way that would see us through a global pandemic so it may be time to make a few changes. 

In this blog, we are looking at some of the DIY projects you could undertake in 2021 which will help make your home fit for new purposes and a pleasure to spend time in. Whether you’re in need of an additional space in which to unwind, a practical area for working from home or you simply want to adopt some of the latest interior design trends; we’ve got you covered…

5 Home DIY Projects for 2021…

Workspace Solutions

None of us can say for certain when we will be back in the office full time so if you haven’t already got a functional and comfortable workspace at home, now is the time to think about installing one. Kitchen tables are fine in the short term but not practical for long term use and you will no doubt notice a negative impact on your motivation and productivity levels.

The simplest solution is to turn a spare bedroom into a home study but we don’t all have an empty room.  Reconsider the layout of your living spaces and see if you can make room for a desk. There are some great space-saving desks on the market right now and you’re bound to find one which will complement your décor.

Making Space

If a lack of space is a big issue in your house right now, you may be considering building an extension.  This is a costly and time consuming project so other options may be worth thinking about. If you have a garage which is rarely used, converting this into a functional living space will cost significantly less than an extension and they don’t usually require planning permission. Depending on the location of your garage, you could knock through and extend your ground floor living space. An outbuilding or orangery is also a great option should you have the land space to erect one..

A Place to Unwind

With the whole family at home for the majority of the time, things can become a little hectic and it can be difficult to find space in which to enjoy that crucial “me time”.  A cosy snug or a comfortable reading nook would be a much-appreciated addition to any home at the moment and you don’t need a spare room in order to create one. Soft furnishings are the keys to creating an area for relaxation and any decent-sized alcove or space under stairs can be transformed into a cuddly corner with a few cushions and throws.

Statement Walls

The overall feel of a room can be transformed instantly with a statement wall. Having a one wall which complements the other but is in itself a work of art is bang on trend right now. You could choose to paint one wall a bolder colour than the others or you could install a stylish wall mural for maximum impact. The style options available are endless so you’ll certainly find a design which suits your personality. Once you have chosen your piece, you can fit the rest of your décor and home accessories around it. A wall mural is a simple and cost effective way of revamping dreary or outdated décor.

Embrace New Trends

The combination of yellow and grey was immensely popular last year and as Pantone’s chosen Colours of the Year for 2021 are a shade of each, it would seem the trend is set to stay. A New Year signifies a new start for many of us but in the interior design world, it also represents a year of new trends and styles.

This year, we’re seeing more emerging trends in interior design which you may wish to embrace. The incredible success of Netflix’s Bridgerton series has led to Regency-style panelling, classic florals and soft pastel colours seeing a comeback. We think our ‘Damask’ and “Rose” murals are perfect for adding that Bridgerton style elegance to a living room or bedroom!

Whether you are choosing to add additional living space to your home or alter your layout to make it more functional, our extensive range of quality murals will undoubtedly include a design which will perfectly complement your décor. Chosen exclusively for us by John Wilman, they are fully customisable and easy to install.

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